Friday, June 20, 2014

How to Pack!

Hi guys! I'm back!
I got a request from one of my good friends who will be traveling soon to do a post on how to pack! 
Here are some helpful tips on packing. 

Tip 1: Roll-up your clothes!
- shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts, etc.
- simply fold your clothes in half and roll it up!
- then play tetris with your rolls of clothes
- Advantages: saves space & reduces wrinkles
- you can also layer many items on top of one another and roll them together

Tip 2: Shoes in shower caps
- There are a few ways to pack your shoes:

a. Stuff your shoes with socks and place between articles of clothes with soles facing up. 
-Advantage: no more squished up shoes

b. place them in shower caps! ( dollar store - 9 for 1$)
- Advantage: no more dirty clothes

c. place in plastic bag

Tip 3: Fragile items goes in the center
-Always put the hard items on the sides and fragile items in the middle
- The heavier items should be closer to the bottom to make the luggage stable.

Tip 4: Ziplock bags
- ziplock bags are the best! 
You can use them to organize your small items such as socks, toiletry items, makeup, etc.  

- If you're taking shampoo or lotion I suggest:
 1. removing the cap
2. placing a layer of plastic wrap 
3. screwing cap back on tightly
4. Placing into a ziplock bag
( this will guarantee a messy proof luggage)

Tip 5: Winter Jackets in Space Saver bags
- invest in some space savers bags ( here are some on especially for bulky winter items
- It will condense the bulky items into a smaller size
- disadvantage: it add a little weight and you need a vacuum

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