Sunday, December 22, 2013

HOW TO: Clean Silver Plated Jewelry

A while back I bought some silver plated bangles that now have this yellowish tint to them.
To clean them I used a trick I learned a way back when from good ole television. 
 I've done this loads of times and it works like a charm every time.
 It's fast, easy and cheap! 

What You'll Need:
It really quite simple, all you need is...
(I used colgate whitening) 

1. Grab your dull/discolored silver

2. Using an old toothbrush (soft bristles), brush on some toothpaste. Make sure you really get into those nooks and crannies.
(If the jewelry is smooth simply rub on the toothpaste)

3. Clean with water.

4. Dry with paper towel. 

It will shine like the first time you bought it! 

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