Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to: Henna Cones

As promised...Here is a how to on Henna Cones =)

Here is what you will need

Cellophane Gift Wrap (99 cent store) 
Rubber Bands


Begin by cutting the cellophane in a rectangular shape. 
( Bigger the rectangle = Bigger the cone) 

1. Take one corner of the cellophane sheet and fold over until tip is at the midpoint of the sheet.

2. Continue to rotate with one hand while the other hand is holding the tip (as in 3.)

3. This is what your hand position should look like (i'm a lefty, so for righties it is the opposite)

4. If the tip is not tight,  pull on the free end of the cellophane to tighten.

5. Once you've done that, the tip should like like this. 

6. Tape the seams of the cone. 

7. Tape all the seams to prevent leakage as in the pic.

8. Now fill your cone with the henna and leave about 2-3 inches empty at the top.
( p.s. to make this easier and less messy pour your henna mixture into a small ziplock bag, cut the tip, and squeeze the mixture into the cone.) 

9. Use a rubber band to tie the top of the cone. 
( As the cone empties, simply roll the rubber band down to make the cone tighter)


To use : Simply cut the tip. 
The less you cut the finer the lines.

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